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Download AdvanceGuard


Shared for free.
I didn't hack anything, nor did I make an effort to actually get the files.

Credits to
AdvanceGuard and also an apology, but I hope it is a motivation to improve it;
I have never seen any update to the antihack, it would be a good time.

GameShield, I am taking the files from the hosts files because they are well ordered.
I also decided to use the client files, because I lost the Advanceguard ones.

To the original programmers of the antihack, I don't remember who they were anymore.
If anyone knows, please post it on the topic.

Karuritoku, weno just wanted to put my name on the file xD.
Reason that I share it is only for the mere reason of sharing and motivating
Look for improvements in the form of protection for the servers.

Port used by the control panel: 2817
They must place the data of their SQL
they can put the ip of the vps, like (local), only a point. or the classic

I'm leaving a complete xampp server if you want to use it, just open the xamp panel and start it.
Within xampp it already brings the antihack folder

There is also the zipped Antihackes folder, which is placed in
public_html if it is web hosting
htdocs if it were xampp server

All the host files I am taking from the Gameshield because they are well ordered.
In addition, he left a small guide on how to edit them.


You can edit it with any hexadecimal editor or if you know more about the
  topic about how to edit a dll without corrupting it using PE Explorer

Search in anti.dll

VPS IP to connect to the central
You can use Resource Hack to edit the IP more easily

Download the hosts file that replaces the one on the pc.
you don't really need to edit it unless you want to use it (don't, don't be a rat).

anti-hack host

When using a hexadecimal editor they must keep the length of the values the same.
That is, they should not delete or add numbers or letters, only replace the ones that already exist.
If you have space left over when you place your ips or host, you can fill them in with dots,
  but it is best that they do not do it and in that case modify the name of the words hostss.rar or antihackess
  to keep the same number of characters, obviously making the same modification on the hosting side.
  Otherwise you will get the message that you did not connect to the database.
Make the central restart between every 5~15 minutes so that it fills up with logs for attacks.

What I would do.
* Use PE Explorer, but if you don't know how to use it there are other quick ways to edit it.

1. Edit the IP of the vps with Resource Hack and save it.
2. Edit the IP of the host or xampp using a hex editor and save it.
    Always conserving the same number of characters in the hexadecimal editor.

Once edited, you can use it in GetMain as a plugin or hook it however you want.

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