PS-Silent 1.7 - Complete With Central

Started by fratika, May 03, 2023, 04:57 PM


Quote- Auto lock;
- Auto unlock;
- Prohibit or allow multiple connections;
- Execute Query;
- View detections;
- Manage players (Allows blocking, unblocking, and others).

Quote- Manage CRC protection;
- Language system (PT, SPN and ENG [main system only]);
- Manage protections (Allows you to add or remove blocks);
- Manage license (Allows you to generate your license and modify);
- Other FTP details (Allows the automatic sending of the protect to your hosting and the check).

[Client DLL]
Quote- Connection system with the central allowing the self blocking and sending of information;
- Dump protection;
- Heuristic protection;
- Class protection;
- Protection against mu auto click;
- Protection against suspend and kill of threads;
- Language system;
- Minimizer (Does not work in 97D, only in main which has window mode);
- Auto left click;
- Auto right click;
- System forbidding direct opening by main.

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