MuToolProject 1.04x moded by Endi

Started by fratika, Jun 15, 2023, 09:30 PM


Download MuToolProject

MG Tools Desined by cyberlove
1.04x  moded by Endi
Translated by DJ-B

QuoteDialog.bmd  Ver 97->Kor1.04+
Filter.bmd  Ver 97->Kor1.04+
Gate.bmd    Ver 97->Kor1.04+
Item.bmd    Ver 99B+>Kor1.04+
Movereq.bmd Ver 98C->Kor1.04+
Skill.bmd   Ver 99B+>Kor1.04+
Slide.bmd   Ver 98C->Kor1.04+
Text.bmd    Ver 99J->Kor1.04+
Gate.bmd    Ver 97->99B+ ,1.00M
Skill.bmd   Ver 99B+,1.00M
Text.bmd Translate


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