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Sakura Dev

Hello, good afternoon. Now that I have plenty of time, I will start to go back to work and provide my services. Everything I do is 100% effective in everything that is Configurations, Balances, Graphic Design as well as 3D and the main thing that is all Web Site. I will leave you some information about my services.


- General and Complete Configuration (in case you do not need configuration, complete and you need a little support or how to configure just one thing, we also provide service)

- Graphic Design (Advertising, Flyer, Banner's, Covers and Profile (FanPage FC), Loading Screen, Logos, Interfaces, Items and maps, single images and much more!)

- Complete configuration of the Site (Translation, Images, Design, Installation either MuCore or Engine and much more!)

- Creation of Items (We create your own Items for your server, as we also offer you the Map Modeling service (Events, PVP, Tournaments, Vip and many more!)

- Creation of Forums (we create your Forum, your Design, the installation and the assembly of zones and categories and everything that includes to have an excellent forum for your community and much more!)

- Exclusive PVP Balances (We create your PVP Balance for your server and you can test it with us in the following versions: ALL!) and much more!)

All these are the services that I provide. I think it is quite complete to assemble and finalize a server of any version and put it to work.


Complete Service: Includes all our services (1 only payment)

Semi Service: In the event that you do not need the Full Service and your decision is to contract only one, two or 3 services only, we make a Budget for the said services that you decided to contract and with the price of the COMPLETE SERVICE we take a percentage to those services you need.

All those who are interested and need Full Service or Semi Service contact me via Private Message from the forum, I will be answering you as soon as possible and we agree to contact us via social network that the client wants, as well as demonstrations of Designs to go if the client asked for everything It will be done by contact and not by publication.


- Market Payment (Mercado Pago)

INFORMATION AND SAMPLES: Please send a Private Message here in the forum and so we can contact each other through the social network that the customer feels most comfortable with.

Thank you very much in advance for giving me this place to be able to offer my services and give me the opportunity to grow and advance from where I am
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