[Mu Online] Season 18 - Looking for TEAM

Started by SmecheruSM, Jul 27, 2023, 11:28 AM


Introduction:  Season 18 middle xp ( x2500, drop 60% ) are looking for close beta testers.

Server in this moment it is at 75-80% DONE. We need just to adjust some things and test everything.

Available Positions: We are looking for this testers positions:

- Drop Tester ( drop from boss, monsters - We can provide full equipt account for this )

- Level/Resets  Tester ( We are looking for testers who can make level and do resets in party or without. every spot on maps :) )

- PvP/PvM Tester ( We are looking for some players who can help with ideas and buffs us when we are gonna do PvP / PvM. We provide full equipt characters for this  )

- Invasions Tester ( We are looking for testers who can come with ideas to improve our invasion system and test if all work allright. We can provide accounts with some items for this )

- Mix / Goblin / Combinations Tester ( We are looking for testers to try every chaos mix if its working properly. We have shops with all kind of items for mixs. )


- Creative Content Creators ( GFX / Video Editors )

- Guides Creator ( On our youtube channel / website we need to make Guides about EVERYTHING, here we have Reward / guide. We are looking just for COMPLEX Guides, not something basic, feel free to contact us for more information ) People who know many languages have an advantage.

- Translator ( We are looking for people to help us translate our website and guides, principal language wanted is: French,Spanish,Vietnames. But also looking for many more. )

Website/Links: discord CLOSED beta tests: https://discord.gg/c8vk6k84j

Contact Information: PM on forum, Discord server ^^ , discord id: " smecherusm "

For much more information you can contact me on all upside informations.

All testers ( depends on how much they "work" on this "jobs" will be rewarded at grand opening with wcoins/buffs/VIP users/discord ranks )  maybe can also receive Helper Admin Rank .