MuServer Season 6 LTP - Full Server plus Sources

Started by fratika, Oct 04, 2023, 05:24 PM


MuServer Season 6 LTP - Full Server plus Sources

1.png emulator sources and some tools sources

Include in source package:
LTP.dll sources
ConnectServer sources
DataServer sources
JoinServer sources
GameServer sources
MHP sources
Launcher sources
GetMainInfo sources
LTPEditor sources
LTPShopEditor sources

QuoteLast update released : 18.02.2022 0:24 (version 1.6.11)

If anyone have crash client on start, recompile all server binaries, LTP.dll and GetMainInfo
Also, you need run all .sql scripts in DB/scripts/ folder.

Changelog in discord "dev-blog" channel. Link:


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Muchas gracias por los archivos bro !!!. . . ;)