Sistema de Streamer para Webengine

Started by Drakezael, Dec 16, 2023, 06:33 PM


-Whatsapp +58 4245420696
-Discord: awayfromthelaw

Streamer code is made for make player stream your server and get wcoinc in exchange the hour spend streaming your server, the best way to expanded your advertise in a easy way.
-Settings (Enable or Disable – Select min hour to exchange – Select Wcoinc per hour)
-Add Streamer
-Edit Streamer
-Approved hour from streamer
-Logs from exchange.
-Streamer panel (basic info and put online the stream to be showed in the main page).
-Report stream (here streamer sent you the info from the stream to get approved the hour from the stream duration into the exchange system)
-Exchange (exchange your hour into Wcoins autoamtic)