OKMU Season 3 Episode 1 Reset lvl 400 Max stat 65k - and medium 50x custom

Started by Gintaras, Dec 26, 2023, 03:51 PM


- Server Name: OKMU
- Season: Season 3 Episode 1
- Server Exp: 50x
- General Item Drop: 50%
- Maximum Level: 400
- Guild Create Level: 150
- Max Level Buff Elf Soldier: 220
-LVL up point 5/7
- Website Player Market: On
- Server Location: Sweden
- Bless Bug: Off
- Max Jewel of Life Option: 28
- 380 Level Items
- MG and DL Create Level: 1/1

Hello OKMU players!!!
We have updated the OKMU server!!!
Do you want to be the strongest in server?
So you have the opportunity to become the strongest OKMU Player, because from now you can find new OKMU items in the game. The question is how to get them?
There is only one way to get them. The server has 2 new bosses that drop good option items, but an important item drops from OKMU BOX is MOONSTONE PENDANT, which is important to get new items!!!!
Once you have the MOONSTONE PEDANT, you will be able to reach the MAJA HANDS bosses from which new items drop. But don't be relaxed, the bosses are very strong and you will need a lot of effort to kill them. And this new item cannot be bought with money and you will not find it in the website store. These items will be collected only the most patient and the strongest. Good luck to everyone and enjoy the game OKMU server.
The first boss is located on the crywolf map, coordinates 74x219
The second boss is located on the Tarkan2 map, coordinates 26x171
WEBSITE LINK: http://okmu.net
REGISTER LINK: https://okmu.net/registration
DOWNLOAD LINK: https://okmu.net/downloads
DISCORD INVITE LINK: https://discord.com/invite/okmu