Ukraina Mu - PC Season 3 Unique

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On our project you will find many interesting changes and new bonuses.
We have a unique chain of starting quests that will allow you to reach the maximum level without any problems.
By completing quests, you will receive initial equipment, things, points that do not expire after a reset, and other useful items so that you can quickly enter the battle.
Auto-farming on the Jade x10 server is available from level 10, which gives you the opportunity to get the maximum benefit even just by watching a movie or doing other things.
We're also offering new bonuses in the form of new muun pets and more so you can strengthen your hero and be ready for any challenge on the battlefield.
Exciting instances await you, such as Blood Castle and Devil Square, where you can go into battle with powerful opponents and receive valuable rewards. We have also updated the drop to make your game even more fun.
On the Jade x10 server, Team vs Team, Happy Hour, Drop Atlans events, a crafting system, and unique jewelry in x-shop are available, which will make your gaming experience more diverse. Don't miss the opportunity to get epic jewelry for quests, events, as well as pets, rings, and buffs that will give you an additional advantage.
We redid a lot of things and also introduced a system for equipping things on other characters to increase interaction between players within the clan. Get WCoinC, WCoinP, Goblin Points, Credits, Zen, Jewels for various events.
Join the best autumn server of 2024 - Season 3 Unique Jade x10 - truly the first Ukrainian server. Enjoy new bonuses, exciting changes and an exciting gaming experience. Get ready for incredible adventures and battles.

Server description:
Exp: x10 [Premium x15];
Drop: 20% [Premium 25%];
Master Exp: x1 [Premium x3];
Master LvL max: 200;
Maximum level: 400;
Maximum number of resets: 50;
Grand reset with: 50 resets;
Maximum number of stats in 1 characteristic: 32767;
Maximum number in a party: 5;
Maximum number of Grand Resets: 50;
Reliable protection against all kinds of cheats and dupes;
It is possible to receive bonuses through voting for the server;
Spots of 5 ~ 6 monsters;
Fixed a bug for selling Wings (Zen);
We guarantee stable server operation 24/7/365;
Timely update of the server and website!

Game process:
Elf assistant: up to level 300 {+Premium up to level 350];
Location: Arena - prepared for warriors who want to take a break from wars. - No PK territory;
Spots in the Arena location of 6 monsters with a respawn of 10 seconds;

Available characters on the server:
Character creation: DW/DK/ELF: 1 level, MG: 220 level, DL: 250 level;
Character creation +Premium: DW/DK/ELF: 1 level, MG:200 level, DL:230 level;

Number of points per level:
SM - 5 Points;
ELF - 5 Points;
BK - 5 Points;
MG - 7 Points;
DL - 7 Points;

Number of points per reset:
SM - 550 Points;
ELF - 550 Points;
BK - 550 Points;
MG - 600 Points;
DL - 600 Points;
The level for reset 1 is level 400.
Required number of zen: 10000000 * per reset number.

Number of points for Grand Reset:
DW - 5000 Points;
ELF - 5000 Points;
SUM - 5000 Points;
BK - 5000 Points;
DL - 5000 Points;
MG - 5000 Points.
Creating a guild: lvl 300;
Autoclicker is available from level 10;
New bosses/monsters will be added soon as the server develops;
New locations will be added soon as the server develops;
All monsters have been retuned and balanced;
Unique Off-Exp system (offline pumping);
Start boxes falling from all monsters designed to quickly clothe you a little;
More than 200 quests that will help you develop your character and won't let you get bored;
The server has a Premium Account System (VIP):
There is an X-shop on the server that will be available a week after the launch!
The Master Tree has been updated and strengthened on our server.
Upgrading it will dramatically affect the strengthening of your character!
The server has Jewel of Excellent, Options, Level, Luck, Skill.
But getting them won't be easy.
Bonus Party;
Noob Buff until the 5th reset;
Guild Buff;
VIP Buff.

Blood Castle;
Devil Square;
Chaos Castle
Golden Resp;
Happy Hour;
Drop event;
Bosses and events are distributed around the clock!
And many others...

Description of the Stones:
Jewel of Excellent - adds an Excellent option to your item. Cannot be used on wings, jewelry or Ancient items. The maximum number of Excellent options on an item is 4. The probability of adding an option is 70%!
Jewel of Option - adds +28Add. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of successful addition is 60%.
Jewel of Skill - adds Skill to weapons and shields. The probability of successful addition is 70%..
Jewel of Luck - adds Luck options to any of your items. The probability of successful addition is 50%.
Jewel of Level - increases the level (sharpening) of your item by 1 point. Not used on costume jewelry. The probability of a successful increase is 100%.

And much more awaits you on the server