MOMU Emulator Season 6 Epi 18 Free Version

Started by MOMU, Feb 13, 2024, 10:41 PM


MoMu Server Files S6 Epi3 Normal Lincese
include Items , Maps , Monsters , Mount , Muun Pet  S18
Battle Pass System New Last Update
Limit 80 Online

Quotedowngrade Yes
FPS System Yes
User retention system Yes
Yes Menu system
New UI system
New ranking system
New SAFEZONE expansion system
VIP system Yes
Diamond Bank Yes
EX700 chat Yes
Amio Alfar Confirmation / Cancellation to lower Yes
Camera distance Yes
Cancellation of sockets Yes
An hour in the Yes game
Custom Pet Yes
Custom riding animals Yes
Custom wings Yes
Custom for hammers Yes
Custom weapons Yes
Custom NPC Yes
Custom Monsters Yes
Item effect control option Yes
New loading screen by Yes
Player selection EX700 Yes
Selecting a Ex700 server Yes
Riding with her life in the city Yes
Every hour of play you get prizes Yes
Personal store = money, credits, etc. Yes
Automatic events Yes
Yes account
Guess the number Yes
Event questions Yes
Rest = credits Yes
Party search system Yes
Post sales system Yes
Custom Chaos Machine System Yes
Task system Yes
Lotto system Yes
Teleport system Yes
Gift system Yes
Guild bank Yes
Banks up to 10 Yes
Donation system Yes
Custom Dialog Monster Yes
MSG = Credit  Yes
Muun Pet Yes
Registration system in the game Yes