Started by Sakura Dev, Jul 02, 2023, 07:22 PM

Sakura Dev

Hello good evening,

On this occasion I come to bring you all the Programs that a Mu Online Server Owner must have on his VPS.

These programs will make it easier for you to do many things in your Administrator Role, they are all complete programs and the only ones that you will be missing when managing your Server. They are all working perfectly and without problems.

In order for the Programs to work, they have to configure with the Data of SQL and of your Server.

Tool Pack Contents:

- Item Calculator
- Change Client Images (Interface, Loading Screen, etc)
- CashShop Editor by Louis Update 2
- Coin editor
- Account Editor
- Event Item Bag - Editor
- Item Drop Editor - MuEmu
-Mu Shop Editor
-Mu Editor
-Pentium Tools b.19
-Titan Editor Premium
-ToolKit (Silver Edition)

Corrections and Fixes:

Event Item Bag - Editor

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

ToolKit: Changelog from its creator

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Without further ado, I leave you the Download Link with all the Programs that an Administrator needs.


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Credits: Contribution and Pack SAKURA DEV
Programs: From their respective owners.